The Church by the Side of the Road collaborates to promote health and nutrition to African American families in South and West Berkeley.

"Healthy Berkeley provides funding for organizations that advocate for family health through better nutrition, such as their 2017 partnership with Berkeley Youth Alternatives-BYA, a collaboration with The Church by The Side of The Road and Berkeley Mt Zion MBC (BMZ) that aims to reduce rates of diabetes and obesity and to increase overall health of African American families in South and West Berkeley." #Berkeley #HealthyBerkeley

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Awakening a social giant in the effort to fight climate change

The Reverend Dr. Ambrose Carroll, Sr, is the founder of Green The Church a national effort designed to tap into the power and purpose of the African  American faith community, to explore and expand the role of churches as centers for environmental and economic resilience.  

Green The Church engages congregations in the fight against climate change, and helps churches serve as centers of resilience that ensure their communities survive—and thrive—in the face of disasters.

Dr. Carroll was recently interviewed by the University of California's Carbon Neutrality Initiative. Here his remarks here.